Agile Coach

I work with teams and individuals at an organisational, leadership and delivery level to enable them to deliver better outcomes for the organisation and their customers. My approach spans a bricolage of coaching, consulting, leadership, teaching and mentoring – specifically focusing on enabling people to deliver these outcomes through adopting Agile and Lean principles.

I have a strong emphasis on co-creating an environment for lasting change, guiding improvements by bringing people to the work and optimising the environment teams operate in. I lead by example, adopting a servant-leadership approach and rolling up my sleeves to ‘lead the change’. I have adopted this approach with a variety of organisations, improving both the value of their product offerings, employee engagement at a localised level whilst also developing internal capability. I have demonstrable results in moving teams and organisations towards greater levels of business agility and have successfully applied this across multiple contexts both in and outside of IT – such as finance, healthcare and insurance.
As a licensed Agile Fluency Diagnostic Facilitator, I am able to conduct assessments around the efficacy of an organisation’s teams and provide concrete recommendations based on contextual needs.


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