Joanne CIO Available Contractor Bench DirectIndicative day rate £1,350. Geo – London, South East & Remote.

I am a dedicated and highly qualified executive leader experienced in managing global teams of business change and technology professionals. I have international experience and am excellent in building and maintaining strong relationships with vendors, partners and executive stakeholders. I am a confident communicator, with an enthusiastic and proactive work ethic and passionate about diversity and talent development. I consistently challenge the status quo on how technology should be delivered. I am execution and solution focussed, ensuring rapid agile delivery and enthusiastic about bringing automated solutions to support business objectives. Over the years, my focuses have spanned across business analytics, project consultancy, solution architecture, data analytics and programme management, where I have been recognised for establishing new internal processes, managing multi-million-pound budgets, and continually elevating the technology function enterprise-wide.


Core competencies:

  • Global Team Management • Programme Management • Operational Planning • Change Management • Process Improvement • Business Strategy • Leadership • Technology Strategy • Execution •  Budget Control • Cross-functional team management • Executive Stakeholder Management • Business Planning • Presentation • Developing Talent  • Innovation • Agility • Automation • Digitalisation • Data and Analytics Strategy• Decision Making
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