Martin Availalble IT Contractor Bench DirectIndicative day rate £805. Geo – London, South East & Remote.

With a broad range of experience across a number of verticals including Fintech, and internationally on both sides of the Atlantic, I am an enterprising, dynamic and commercially astute programme leader / manager and entrepreneur.

If you’re looking for an interim or part-time CTO, then I am the ideal combination of technical “geek”, flexibility and acumen borne out of years of experience and excellent communication, interpersonal and leadership skills. Driven by a desire and need to create exciting new products your users will want to keep coming back to, with me I can best sum up what you get as innovative and creative thinking aligned with deep technical knowledge and an abiding interest in the latest technology.




A specialist in strategy, planning and execution, I have been a technology leader for over 20 years and have that rare ability to talk to anyone about anything, be they technical or non-technical and be the subject matter technical or non-technical. I also have a buccaneering can-do attitude and a belief in what can be achieved, driven by the deep technical knowledge that drives a proper understanding of how best to meet business goals and when and what technologies are best suited to meet those business goals. It is this attitude combined with my attention to detail that creates a culture of excellence in my team.

Key Skills & Business Capabilities

Technological Innovation
System and Database Architect
Technology Strategist
Technology Migrations
Digital Transformation
Project Leadership & Management
Offshore Team Management
Business Case Analysis & Presentation

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