Ahmed Bench Direct Available IT contractor SQL Developer

20+ years experience. Indicative day rate £450. Geo – London & Remote.

I specialise in SQL Server Development and modelling, SSRS/Power BI Report Development and SSIS (ETL). I am also skilled in SQL Optimization, Data warehousing and SSAS Tabular and am also able to develop .NET applications







  • Skilled in all aspects of SQL Development from SQL 2000 through to SQL 2016.
    • Including use of DDL, DML, Creation and use of Store Procedures, UDF, Error Handling, Ranking Functions…
  • 5 years plus experience using ONYX CRM and financial Applications.
    • Including Development of Onyx application, Support and maintenance.
    • Integration of onyx CRM with bespoke SOP system.
  • Experience in Data integration and extraction using SSIS.
    • Including use of SSIS transformations and tasks for Data merging, Data scrubbing, Data cleansing and Data validation.
    • Use of SSIS script component for custom transformations.
  • Development of reporting using SSRS Reporting and Power BI
    • Creation of management and detail level reporting.
  • Skilled in Data optimisation and tuning skills
    • Refactoring of TSQL code and re-indexing to improve queries.
  • .NET Development in both C# and VB. Net
    • OO design experience
  • Maintaining and creating system documentation.
    • Including requirements gathering functional documentation, system documentation and end-user documentation.
  • Experience with data-ware house design And Development.
    • Star-schema, snowflake, dimension modelling. SCD Type 2 Implementation.
  • Worked in data migrations projects.
    • Transfers using utilities like SSIS, Bulk Copy Program (BCP) and Bulk Insert and SQL Stored Procedures.
  • ITL experience.
    • Including Change Request, Problem management and Ticket Management.
  • Legacy Skills.
    • VB6/COM, Excel VBA, Access, Classic ASP, Cold fusion.


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