Chris Bench Direct IT Contractor

5+ years experience. Indicative day rate £500. Geo – London & Remote.

Professional experience delivering end-to-end development and implementation projects. Expertise in taking real customer requirements and building innovative products to inform and inspire global audiences. Successful track record of maintaining and prioritising backlogs in line with product road maps.

Specialises in compelling visualisations of complex requirements, revealing hidden risks and generating valuable feedback, therefore reducing development time and increasing project success.
* Quick to learn products inside out to become a key product specialist
* Excellent documentation skills to clearly develop, refine and prioritise user stories in line with the product roadmap
* Effective communication skills as a former trainer to ensure successful collaboration with teams and stakeholders
* Specialise in translating requirements into compelling wireframes
* Lead backlog grooming sessions to ensure items are ready and priprtitised for delivery
* Support teams in their use and evolution of agile practices


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