Indicative day rate £590. Geo – London, South East & Remote.

I am an agent of change and focus on transforming teams and departments alike in leading the way for better Agile ways of working. I have worked on products primarily in cloud technology, devops and backend software application development, and have facilitated successful projects from inception to launch.

I am an active member of the agile community, most recently hosting an agile meetup with The Agile Roundabout, which was also live-streamed online on YouTube. I enjoy working with people from all backgrounds to coach, guide and mentor to better ways of working that benefits not only individuals, but also teams, departments and ultimately, organisations.

I work very closely with Product Owners for effective backlog management to ensure that focus is aimed at value for delivery, and coach lean practices within Scrum teams. I am also creative in finding more productive and efficient processes, whether that’s with involvement of certain key people/stakeholders or tools.

I am an advanced/expert system admin in Jira & Confluence and can very easily setup custom workflows, schemes, automation scripts and setup transparency in communication with other tools such as Slack and GitHub.


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